Your Service

We continue our Biggest Loser series – a series started a few weeks ago by Pastor Will.  The whole idea for this series is based on the TV show of the same name.   The premise is that by disciplining yourself to do the right things and eating the right foods, you will lose the most weight and in doing so, become the biggest winner.

Oftentimes, doing the right things doesn’t feel good.  You are ridiculed, you are faced with all kinds of external and internal pressure to give in to your natural desires to just quit, but by being disciplined, you win.

That is exactly the same way with our Christian life.  There are some spiritual disciplines, that if you follow, even though your body yearns against it, you will become the biggest winner.    In previous weeks, we covered the discipline of prayer and the discipline of reading the Word.  Today, we will be talking about the discipline of service.  As you go through our time together today, our desire is that you get to know Jesus personally and that you discover the joys of service.

God Bless You,

Your Pastors