Money: Panel Discussion / Q&A

In the wrap-up of the money talks series, Casie Grant hosts a Q&A session with Pastor Gary Wallace, Pastor Charles Watkins, Hazel Grace Dansoh, Patrice McFarlane, Lindel Douglas, and Delores Fearon.  In this session, the panel answers some really tough questions based on feedback and discussions arising out of the Money Talk$ series.

Money: Multiply It Faithfully

In this week’s installment of the Money Talks series,  Certified Financial Planner, investment advisor, and PCC member, Lindell Douglas delivers the message on how to multiply the resources that he has given you by doing safe and prudent investing.   This message is filled with practical tips and advice on how to do that using Biblical principles

Gifts:Develop It Deliberately

Using the parable of the talents, youth leader, youth camp leader, and motivational speaker, Calvin McBridge teaches on what it means to take the talents that you are born with and the importance of developing it.   By doing it and fulfilling that mandate, we will be a force for the Kingdom

Money: Utilize It Effectively

In the 4th message in the series, Money Talks, Pastor Gary talks about how we should be wise and shrewd in handling money.   It is based on a story that Jesus told about a dishonest manager.  In this message, Pastor Gary gives a Biblical perspective on debt and how to get out of it, budgeting, and calculating your net worth.  More importantly, how to be shrewd in using money to impact the Kingdom.