The World’s Greatest Conversations

I’ve been married 20 years. During that time, my wife and I have experienced periods of extreme busyness that tended to cut short our times of real togetherness. During such seasons, she’s consistently pointed out to me that “the distanced life” is not what she signed up for. When we “dated” we spent serious time together. Once I picked her up for an evening, our time was our time – nothing else interfered. We ate together, talked together, laughed together, dreamt together, we were together – period. Then once we were married, we found that we increasingly had to schedule times to talk about serious issues. Ok – let’s look at the schedule – when can we sit down and talk? Sound familiar to anyone?

Perhaps at some point you have felt like your prayer life is a similar routine. Prayer somehow has become something that you have to schedule. Where can I fit in? Can I fit it in this week? I’ve gone too long without fitting it in. I’ve been so busy – I need to sit down and talk with the Lord!

That routine is not God’s intention for you. He didn’t adopt you into a life of “Check in with me occasionally so we can catch up with one another.” As sure as the sun burns bright, God intends for you to know what it means to live in His presence – walking through every day with Him, bringing every thought, concern and circumstance to Him and then listening for His response (or His silence).

Perhaps a real key in learning how to do this is found in learning how to live consciously in His presence every moment of every day. As we take our Journey in the Word today, we’ll be looking at prayer less as a “conversation event” and more as a lifestyle of continually living in God’s loving presence and care. What else can I say – in His presence is just the place to be – it gets sweeter every day.

Hoping and praying that we all have good ears to hear His voice,