Waiting to Exhale

Have you ever seen a mango tree (or pick your favorite fruit tree) that had all these blossoms and blooms on there, only to find out later that the tree produced no fruit? If you have, I think you would agree that it is most disappointing. The reason is that we expect a fruit tree to produce fruit, but what would happen if you found a mango tree bearing oranges, or a cherry tree bearing grapes? You would think that there is obviously something wrong. Why? Because a mango tree is supposed to bear mangos, and a cherry tree is supposed to bear cherries, and a grapevine is supposed to produce grapes.

Inhale the Fresh Air

One of the best things about living in South Florida is the weather in the winter. If you haven’t been outside in awhile, take a few moments to go outside, enjoy the low humidity, clean fresh breeze, and inhale a deep breath. I believe that if you actually did that, you will find that it is both energizing and enabling. In the same way, when you inhale the fresh wind of the Holy Spirit, you will find it enabling and refreshing.

This week, in the 2nd part of our series on the Holy Spirit called “Refreshing”, we will be talking about Spiritual Gifts, how to discover them, how to embrace them, and how to utilize them.

Feel the Effects

How many of you feel like you need a vacation…a vacation from politics…from conflict-ridden conversations on social justice, coronavirus, lockdowns, the economy…etc.? Well, if you are like me, then you probably do. Today, we have good news for you. While we can’t help you with a physical vacation, this week, we will be taking a mental vacation from all of that by talking about a topic that I believe you will find Refreshing.