Community is such a big part of our church that there is a group for everyone. Our ladies are no exception.


GLOW functions to provide Christian support, direction and combined fellowship among all the ladies at PCC.

Ladies Life Group

Our group for ladies in their early to late 20s which serves as a forum to learn and discuss a variety of pertinent and practical topics.


M.U.S.C.L.Es (Men United in Service, Called to Leadership by Example)

Aims to meet the needs of men through periodic discussions on issues affecting men; and it aims to meet the needs of church members through providing practical assistance and serving as a conduit and facilitator of this care.

Small Groups

PCC Small Groups

Small Groups are in-home groups where you can increase your understanding of the Bible while making new friends. The goals of the Small groups are:

1. Growing – growing in spiritual maturity through Bible study
2. Caring – carrying each other’s burdens and sharing our successes and failures together
3. Serving – utilizing our time, talent, and treasures to help our FRAN (Friends, Relatives, Associates, and Neighbors) and our community

P.E.P (People Enjoying People)

P.E.P Club is our group for people 50+ years. Among being a support for each other in practical ways, this group knows how to have fun!