New Significance

Jesus was a revolutionary in the way he thought and taught about women.  In fact, He was the greatest liberator of women of all times.


In this Mothers Day Message, Pastor Gary delivers a message talking about all the things that men in the church have used to keep women down, and all the things that women find resistible about the Bible.    Topics covered are women preaching, teaching, and taking roles of leadership within the church.   Through this, he illustrates how the teachings of the Bible complimented rather than contradicted the teachings of Jesus.

This is the 4th message in the series called “Totally Different” where we are tackling the question “If Jesus is so irresistible, why are so many people today finding the church so resistible?”

New Approach

What if you had the most amazing news ever, would you share it or keep it to yourself? What if you had the best news ever but nobody wanted to hear it?   The fact is Jesus had and IS the most amazing message ever!  The message was so good that His followers were willing to risk their lives in order to share it.   The message was so good that that the people that they shared it with, came to follow Jesus in droves.


In the 3rd installment in the series, “Totally Different”, RefreshYouth student ministries leader , Jonathan Wallace, talks about a new approach to sharing the message of Jesus so that we can have the same impact that the early followers of Jesus had.


Video of the service is located on Periscope @PCCPines, and on our Youtube channel: Pioneer Community Church PCCPPines

New Movement

What if we resisted the things that made church so resistible?   The fact is that when Jesus came on the scene, he started a movement that brought droves of people to His message.   However, for the past two decades, there has been an increasing decline in people embracing this movement in the United States.  For the next few weeks, we are discussing and answering this question in a series, entitled “Totally Different”.


In the first message in the series, Pastor Gary introduces the series in a message called “New Movement”.