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We are glad you are here. We are a church that is about loving God passionately, loving people unconditionally, and loving life intensely. If you are looking for a place to experience God, and a place that offers real community, then come check us out. We meet on the campus of Flanagan High School, 12800 Taft St. Pembroke Pines. Although we much rather see you in person, you can also check out PCC live on Twitter and Periscope.


Pioneer Community Church began with a vision by Pastor Gary Wallace, to form a church that would minister to the needs of the people in the new communities of Southwest Broward County, FL. The vision was based on John 10:10 where Jesus promised a full and abundant life to the people who accepted this promise. This fulfilling and satisfying life was not only the promise of heaven after you die, but also here on this earth, and that the mission of the church He talked about was to be an integral part of people experiencing that promise. A key aspect of the vision was a church where diversity would be embraced and people from all walks of life would feel welcome. Pastor Gary shared the vision with a small group of men that he met with on a regular basis and the church was formed from this group.

The resulting effect is Pioneer Community Church. A vibrant contemporary church where you can come in dressed up or in casual attire; a place where the weekly Communion Worship Service embraces both traditional and contemporary styles; a place where you can experience the joy of true friendship and Christian fellowship, and experience the sweetness and security of being a part of a bigger family, the Family of God.


God is fanatical about reaching out to people who were far away from him. He would break down anything (traditions, religion, religious laws (Luke 14 – healing a man with a stomach tumor on the Sabbath)) that resulted in making it difficult to people to come to him, which oftentimes than not, made the religious people uncomfortable.

God also wants to give us better. We think God wants things from us, but the reality is that he wants things FOR us. The things that he wants FROM us is designed to give you all the things that he wants FOR us. It is a “beautiful exchange”. People come to him with their “wants” met, but they leave him with their “needs” fulfilled.