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When The Dream Is Not A Fantasy

Have you ever had a dream for something…? Perhaps, a strong desire to do something, or achieve something, or be something? Maybe, the word that you would use to describe that overwhelming feeling you have, is “passion”, or perhaps the word you would use is “calling”? Every one of us, at some point in our lives, will experience that. For some of us, we have had that dream where we feel that God has told us something…for those of us who feel that God has called us to something…for those of us who are experiencing that unrelenting desire to do something, how is that working out for you?

The chances are great that your answer falls into a few categories: (1) You are living the dream, and you are now looking at your journey through the lens of the rearview mirror. For others (2) the dream is new and fresh, and you are looking through the windshield, and even though the dream is way down the road, you are excited because this dream is sooo good. Yet for others, (3) you have started on the journey, but it is not working out the way you envisioned it when you first started looking at it through the windshield. You are up to your ears in problems, roadblocks, and detours.

Regardless of what category your answer falls in, one thing is abundantly clear. Things never unfold the way you envision them. In the end, your dream either turns out to be a realized dream, or your dream turns out to be a nightmare. Sometimes your dream turns out to be real, and sometimes it turns out to be a fantasy. So the question we find ourselves asking all the time whenever we have a dream is: How Do I Know When My Dream Is Not A Fantasy?

What Is The Right Decision For Me

As a pastor, the biggest and most common questions I get, oftentimes begins with the 4 words: “How Do I Know…?” What follows is normally a decision making question. One of the biggest “how do I know…” questions is “How do I know which way to go when there seems to be no clear or obvious path?”

This week, we will be talking about how to know the right way to go in every situation by using one key tool God has provided to us. That tool is Wisdom. This really practical message will not only tell you what the tool is but will also tell you how to effectively use it to answer the question.

What Do I Really Want

In all my years of pastoring, the one question that I am asked more than any other question begins with : “How do I know…”. While what follows next is oftentimes different, the question is always the same. The question always boils down to “How do I know which way God wants me to go?” At the heart of it is really a question on making the right decisions.

The fact is, none of us wants to make bad decisions. We all want to make decisions that will result in positive outcomes.

Many of us struggle with making the right decision simply because we don’t really know what we WANT…and we haven’t really stopped to think about what we really VALUE.

What God Wants For Me

Some of the biggest questions that people constantly ask me as a pastor, all begin with the same words: “How Do I Know…?” Those words are the beginning of questions like “How do I know if I should date this guy or girl? “How do I know if I should take this job?” “How do I know if I should make this investment?” “How do I know if I should find another church?”

The list goes on and on, and we could fill in our own questions here. If you are a committed Christian, at the heart of the question is really the question: “How do I know God’s Will?” Because I want to know it so that I don’t make the wrong decision. If you are not a follower of Jesus, your underlying question is similar. “How do I know which way to go?”. In a world of seemingly infinite choices or permutations of choices, these questions can paralyze us.

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