gods Of Pleasure

In the final message in the gods At War series, Calvin McBridge talks about sex, entertainment, and so many other things of pleasure.   All these were created by God for us to enjoy, however, what happens when we place a higher emphasis on them than we should?  These questions and more are addressed in “gods Of Pleasure”

gods Of Love

Using the Biblical account of Abraham and Isaac, Calvin explores how easily a parental, spousal, friendship, romantic (etc.) relationship can be elevated to the highest priority in our lives.  In the 3rd installment in the series, “gods At War”,  youth leader and motivational speaker, Calvin McBridge, delivers a sermon dealing with the topic of relationships.

No Other Gods

So many times, we read the 10 commandments and we go through a mental list of the commandments that we are ok on, and the ones that we are missing the mark on.   One that most of us, don’t think we have a problem with is the commandment not to have any idols.   In the first message in the series, gods At War, Dr Gerry Gallimore introduces the series with a message on the importance of having no other gods, other than God.