What God Wants For Me

Some of the biggest questions that people constantly ask me as a pastor, all begin with the same words: “How Do I Know…?” Those words are the beginning of questions like “How do I know if I should date this guy or girl? “How do I know if I should take this job?” “How do I know if I should make this investment?” “How do I know if I should find another church?”

The list goes on and on, and we could fill in our own questions here. If you are a committed Christian, at the heart of the question is really the question: “How do I know God’s Will?” Because I want to know it so that I don’t make the wrong decision. If you are not a follower of Jesus, your underlying question is similar. “How do I know which way to go?”. In a world of seemingly infinite choices or permutations of choices, these questions can paralyze us.

Effective Prayers

Have you ever wondered if there are some prayers that God answers more than others? Have you ever wondered whether there are some people that God seems to answer their prayers more than He does for yours? If you have encountered a “prayer warrior” or been prayed over by a “prayer warrior”, it would certainly seem that way. However, is it the words that you use, or is it the person that is praying, that makes the prayer effective…or is it something else? What is it that makes an effective prayer?

Big Prayers

This past week was one for the history books! On Wednesday, we all witnessed something that no one thought would occur in America…at least certainly not in our lifetimes. We saw what easily could have devolved from frustration and insurrection into a coup…and it wasn’t even in 2020.

In light of that, what do we do? What should we do? Well, the answer to that is to PRAY. The fact is: “It is The Thing That Changes Things”. It is the only thing that can really do that.

Too many times, we think that “God is not going to do this, or God is not going to that”, so we pray for little things…things that should be easy for God to do.

However, the fact is that God wants to do some big things in your life, but He won’t do them unless you ask Him for them. Said differently, “if you want Big miracles, start with Big Prayers.”

Follow The Pattern

Welcome to 2021 and Happy New Year.

On Sunday we begin a new series on prayer called “The Thing That Changes Things”.

As we begin our 21 days of prayer, we believe that this series will be the start of an incredible prayer life that is beyond your wildest expectations. Join us as we begin the series with the first topic called “Follow The Pattern”.