Real Concern

In his final message to his audience, James (the half-brother of Jesus), gives his final instruction on how we are to treat those who were once living a life of faith, but now has turned away.   Listen in as Calvin McBridge explains James’ teaching on the topic of exhibiting real concern.


Real Prayer

In this installment of the series, REAL, Pastor Gary Wallace teaches on what James has to say in James 5:13-17, about how to handle those tough times when you are in trouble, when you are suffering, when you are sick, when you are suffering the consequences of bad decisions, and when you are being crippled under the stress of everyday problems.

Real Fights

Ever wonder what causes flights and conflicts among us, especially with the people that we know and love?   Ever wish we could minimize it and not have it cause adverse long term impacts?  Ever want to know how to feel good after every argument?

Pastor Gary teaches from James 4:1-10 on how you can know and experience the answers to all these questions.