Patterns & Promises

Every day, people make promises and every day people break promises.  Every day, people make commitments and every day people break them.  Every day, people make promises and commitments with the best of intentions, but every day people somehow fail to keep them.   The reason they break them is that most people have not made the preparation necessary to keep them.  The fact is, a promise means absolutely nothing without the preparation to back it up.


In the last message in series, “free and single“, Pastor Gary discusses how to effectively prepare to keep your promises and commitments, and how to find someone who is prepared to keep his/her promises and commitments.  These are essential for having a successful relationship.

Ladies & Gentlemen

One thing that we can all agree on is that men and women are different…by design.  In the 3rd message in the series on singles called “free and single”, Calvin McBridge talks about these differences and how we can understand ourselves and each other, so that we each can become better versions of ourselves and practice understanding each other.

Needs, Wants, & Desires

So many times, we get our needs, wants, and desires  mixed up.   What we think we “need”, is really what we really “want”, but what we “want” disguises what we really “desire”.   However, beyond our needs, wants and desires, is what we really “value”.  One of the areas where this is evident is in the area of sex.

In the 2nd message in the series, “Free & Single”, Pastor Gary discusses what we all really, really value in sex and relationships and how do get what you really value in both of these things.

Mr Right & Ms. Right

Most people have an image in their mind of what the “right” person for them looks like.   They have some image of their physical characteristics and their emotional characteristics and they go searching for the person who fit this mold.   For most people, , somewhere along the way something goes wrong, and the Mr. Right or the Ms.Right ends up becoming Mr. Wrong and Ms. Wrong.  Unfortunately for many people, they do not realize that until after the “I do’s”    In the first message in the series “free and single”, we will be talking about how you can avoid making the mistakes so many married folks have made in the quest for Mr. Right or Ms. Right.