The Strength

God wants us to draw near to Him in order to build a relationship with us which will provide the strength we need to be successful along life’s journey.

In the 2nd installment in the series on “The Basics”, Calvin McBridge explains how carving out some time each day to spend with Jesus, will give you strength to get through each day.

The Rock

One of the things that we say in church all the time is “the Bible is the Word of God”.    For so many of us, however, that word is so hard to hear and so much harder to understand.   Oftentimes, we resort to reading one verse, reading a devotional, or not reading it at all.  As such, many of us never really hear God talking to us.   Because God has the answers to all of our life’s problems, not hearing from God is a problem.


In order for your 2017 and beyond to be better than your 2016 and behind, God’s Word has to come alive in your life and hearing God’s voice and instructions has to become a regular, daily part of our lives.    That is our rock.   That is our foundation.

Pastor Gary teaches about how to truly make that become a reality in our lives.  In the 2nd part in the series simply called “The Basics”, we discuss some of the basic foundations of faith in Jesus and the benefits that it provides.


Pastor Gary

The Solution

Ever wonder why some people just seem to be able to weather the storms of life, while others just seem to be buffeted by it?   Ever wonder why some people seem to have a positive outlook on things while others just seem to wonder what’s up with those people?   Well, the answer lies in the basics.   The people who stand have a good foundation in the basics.


In order to keep those new years resolutions… …in order to make  2017 not be like 2016, it requires a grounding in the basics…

In the first full message of the series, The Basics, Pastor Gary looks at the topic of FASTING


After all the festivities have ended, for many of us, the new year will most likely just be like the old year.     We will have the same problems, we will have the same bills, we will have the same addictions, we will have the same relationship issues, we will have the same ‘ol …well… the same ‘ol…

…BUT, here is the good news, it doesn’t have to be that way.  A new year can be truly a time of new beginnings… …we serve a God who is really into new stuff and he says for you, I have a plan for you how to make sure the new year is not like the old year.