I Promise: The Principle Of Transparency

In the 4th message in the marriage and relationship series called “I Promise…”, Pastor Gary looks at the necessity for husbands and wives to be open and honest and “unashamedly naked” in front of each other and the fact that this is necessary because secrecy destroys intimacy.

This Is America

In this 4th of July / Independence day theme, Pastor Gary looks at the ideals this country was founded on as stated in the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and compares that to way we are today in the racial and political divide, and in the whole immigration issue that is filling our news, and addresses the question:   What would Jesus say about all of this?

I Promise: The Principle Of Partnership

In this 3rd message in the series, “I Promise”, Pastor Gary discusses why marriage is so much more than a piece of paper, and the significance of the covenant  that it represents and how it directly affects the partnership required of husbands and wives.

PCC Graduation Address 2018

Every year, PCC honors the folks in our church who are graduating from schools and universities with a full fledged cap and gown graduation ceremony.

The keynote speaker was Bradley Wallace.    Bradley uses his own past experience of feeling “less than…” to encourage the graduates to be “more than…”.