Learning from Other’s Errors

Sociologists have concluded that the single most expressed emotion in daily conversation is love…a parent saying, “I love you” to a child, a husband saying, “I missed you” to his wife, etc., Expressions of care and affection are more common than any other words that we speak. That may or may not surprise you.  
But the second most expressed emotion communicated in daily conversation might be a surprise. It’s regret. “I wish I had not been late. I wish I would have spoken up sooner. I wish I had been exercising this past year. I wish that I had not been so uninvolved.” 
Today we’ll look at a story from Scripture that is filled with regret and think together about how we can move our lives towards living with much less of it. Sometimes less is definitely more.  

Hoping for you to have a blessed New Year, 
Will (for the pastors)