Jonah: A Lesson On Prejudice

As we look at the story of Jonah, we see God’s call to share the good news regardless of whether or not we like the person or people we are sharing the message with.   It is also an encouragement to look past prejudice and preconceived notions to realize that all are important to Christ and his Kingdom.    Listen as Pastor Charles Watkins explains and extracts the truths contained in the Biblical account of Jonah

Unstoppable Love (Hosea)

One of the characters in the Bible that we don’t hear a lot about, is the prophet Hosea.   Hosea was unique in that he was the only prophet who married someone who became a prostitute.    The story reads like a Lifetime movie, but demonstrates an unconditional, unstoppable love that Jesus has for us.    If you have ever doubted God’s love or need a reminder, this sermon will encourage you that God’s love for you and us is an incredible, unstoppable love.

Staying In The Race (Noah)

Many times in our life, our prayers seem like it takes a really long time to get answered,  it seems like it take a long time for deliverance from a struggle, it seems to take a long time for God’s promises to come through.       Pastor Gary uses the story of Noah to focus on a man who demonstrated endurance as an encouragement to “stay in the race”.