I Promise: The Principle Of Transparency

In the 4th message in the marriage and relationship series called “I Promise…”, Pastor Gary looks at the necessity for husbands and wives to be open and honest and “unashamedly naked” in front of each other and the fact that this is necessary because secrecy destroys intimacy.

I Promise: The Principle Of Partnership

In this 3rd message in the series, “I Promise”, Pastor Gary discusses why marriage is so much more than a piece of paper, and the significance of the covenant  that it represents and how it directly affects the partnership required of husbands and wives.

I Promise: The Principle of Priority

This series, entitled “I Promise…”, is a series for anyone who desires a fulfilling, satisfying, enjoyable, happy marriage.

In the first message in the series, Pastor Gary Wallace outlines the necessary foundation on which a successful marriage is built, in a message titled “The Principle Of Priority”.