After all the festivities have ended, for many of us, the new year will most likely just be like the old year.     We will have the same problems, we will have the same bills, we will have the same addictions, we will have the same relationship issues, we will have the same ‘ol …well… the same ‘ol…

…BUT, here is the good news, it doesn’t have to be that way.  A new year can be truly a time of new beginnings… …we serve a God who is really into new stuff and he says for you, I have a plan for you how to make sure the new year is not like the old year.

Why Even Bother?

In this sermon called,  “Why Even Bother?”, Pastor Gary talks about those times when we pray and pray and pray for God to show up and he doesn’t seem to show up. If you are currently praying about something and have been praying for so long, that it almost seems like “why bother?”, this sermon is for you.

This message is the first in a series called “A Thrill Of Hope”.  It is based on the premise that Jesus came to bring hope into the world and into the lives of individuals.

“Jesus came into this world to bring hope, so that in this life we can do more than … …just cope”.