Uncaring god

In the last message in the series, —Is God Still Relevant?, Pastor Gary addresses the question that has plagued people for centuries, and the question that has caused a lot of people to lose their faith.    The question is:


“How can a good God allows bad things to happen to good people?”  …and if he does, then he cannot be a good God.


Taskmaster God

God is always fighting for us and cheering us on.   The problem is that oftentimes, we do not recognize that.   We often mistake the things that He has asked us to do, is for Him.   The reality is that God doesn’t want anything from us, but rather he wants everything for us.


In this Father’s Day message, and 3rd message in the series “Is God Still  Relevant?”, Pastor Gary talks about many of the reasons we become disillusioned, and/or disenchanted with God,  and why some times people walk away.

Guilt God

Tired of feeling guilty, ashamed, and thinking that there is no way God has truly forgiven you for the thing that you did, or the thing that you keep on doing?  You’re not alone. Some people either live feeling powerless and dejected, or they just simply get tired of feeling badly and just walk away from religion.


In this new series, “Is God Still Relevant”,  we discuss the images of God that people have in their minds.  These are the gods that people walk away from, thinking that this is the true image of God. In this series, we will be talking about these different gods, and pointing us to the image of the true God.