Good News For ALL People

In this Christmas message, Pastor Gerry Gallimore looks at the Christmas story from the Jewish perspective… …and how this Jewish messiah’s arrival brought good news for ALL people, whether Jews or non-Jews, poor or rich, important or not.


Pastor Gerry Gallimore is a former pastor and a former Director of Youth For Christ International.

God’s Plans For Us

Have you encountered situations where you wondered “What in the world could God be thinking?”.    You know and truly believe that God is is in control, but you struggle to see how in the heaven could he be working in this situation… …and if he is working, why am I going through so much pain?.     Well, if you care to admit it, you are not alone.


In this sermon, Pastor Gary looks at the lives of Mary, the shepherds, the wise men, and Joseph to illustrate that God has a plan  and even though it may take a while to see how that plan is unfolding, it is best to stick with his plan than to go out on your own.     If you have ever struggled to see where God is leading, this teaching will provide encouragement for you.


Pastor Gary Wallace is the Lead Pastor of Pioneer Community Church in Pembroke Pines, FL.