The Nots: Fear Not

One of the hardest things to do, is to not do the things that you are not supposed to do, or told not to do. Even reading this sentence filled with all the “nots”, is difficult to do. When Jesus was here on earth, he commanded his followers to do some things, and to not do some other things. The implication is simple. If you do the things you are supposed to do, your life will be purpose-filled, and your joy will be full. Conversely, if you do the things that you are not supposed to do, then your joy will be stolen and your life will feel empty and your joy will be stolen.

One of the “not” commands Jesus gave while he was here was to “Fear Not”. So the question is: Is that command even possible? Is it possible to “Fear Not”?

In the 1st message in our series entitled “The Nots”, Pastor Gary discusses how to practically live this out in our lives.

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