Have you ever lost your focus on something that was very important? You know what you needed to do but somewhere, somehow, you lost your focus on the right thing, and before you know it, you were headed in the wrong direction, doing the wrong things, or acting in the wrong way — all because you ended up focusing on the wrong thing?

Fact is that both difficult and simple things can cause us to lose our focus. Sometimes we focus on what we have lost instead of what we have. Sometimes we focus on what we will lose instead of what will gain. But we can experience the better life when we focus on Jesus.

The Essentials Of Completing Your Story

Have you ever started something, but in the middle of it, it feels pointless and difficult… …to the point where you feel like giving up and quitting?

In this message, Pastor Terrence Mullings, talks about this and what we can do to ensure that we complete our story.

Getting There

“Why is it that we find it so hard to attain our goals, and have our needs, wants, and desires met?”

While there are many answers to that question, I believe that so many times our needs, wants, desires, and goals, aren’t met because of the key thing many of us overlook or ignore.   We are missing out on so many possibilities that are completely attainable and life-changing, because we miss this one thing. That one thing is wise counsel.

In this message, Pastor Gary talks about how to seek out wise counsel, how to recognize counsel that is wise and helpful, and how to follow it.


I Am ______________

Fact is, we all have names and labels we have for ourselves.  These are the “3rd words” that comes after we begin a statement with “I am…”. Some we gave our selves, and others have been placed upon us.   More often than not, the labels and identity that we assume, does not line up with the identity God has given us.

In this message, Jonathan Wallace reminds us of this and encourages us to accept our God-given identity in this sermon called “I Am ___________”.