An Unbelievable Life

In our Journey in the Word today, we’ll contemplate the following questions:

“Have you ever noticed how absolutely extraordinary is the life that Scripture describes as normative for Jesus Christ?”  It is a life filled with joy; a life marked by sincere love from the heart, a life characterized by a deep sense of satisfaction and unhindered peace; a life that is anything but common.

“Have you ever noticed how painfully common is the life of many people within the church?”  When you glance around the church, in general (not just PCC), it’s not hard to find evidence of depressive attitudes, grudge harboring, restlessness and anxiety to name just a few problematic behaviors/attitudes.

“Why is there such a gap between Scripture’s glorious description of the Christian life and the real, day-to-day of so many “Christians?”  And “if such a gap exists in your life is there anything that can be done about it?”

Hoping that we discover answers and fullness of life together as we seek His face,

Will (for the Pastors)