Big Prayers

This past week was one for the history books! On Wednesday, we all witnessed something that no one thought would occur in America…at least certainly not in our lifetimes. We saw what easily could have devolved from frustration and insurrection into a coup…and it wasn’t even in 2020.

In light of that, what do we do? What should we do? Well, the answer to that is to PRAY. The fact is: “It is The Thing That Changes Things”. It is the only thing that can really do that.

Too many times, we think that “God is not going to do this, or God is not going to that”, so we pray for little things…things that should be easy for God to do.

However, the fact is that God wants to do some big things in your life, but He won’t do them unless you ask Him for them. Said differently, “if you want Big miracles, start with Big Prayers.”

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