New Rule

One of the biggest criticism of Christianity is that there are too many rules… too many do’s and don’ts.   We agree.   What if there was only one rule to live by?      Jesus taught that if only follow one rule, we wouldn’t have to worry about the other rules.


This message is the 2nd in the series, “Totally Different”, where we are having a 5 week conversation on the question:  “If the message of Jesus is so irresistible, why are so many in today’s culture finding it so resistible?”

New Movement

What if we resisted the things that made church so resistible?   The fact is that when Jesus came on the scene, he started a movement that brought droves of people to His message.   However, for the past two decades, there has been an increasing decline in people embracing this movement in the United States.  For the next few weeks, we are discussing and answering this question in a series, entitled “Totally Different”.


In the first message in the series, Pastor Gary introduces the series in a message called “New Movement”.


Not So Great Expectations

What would it take for you to be convinced that a person you knew came back to life after being in a grave for two nights?  The fact is we all know that it is perfectly normal and rational to believe that Jesus would stay dead.  …because everyone knows that is what dead people do. …they stay dead.

In this message, Pastor Gary looks at this question from the perspective of the people closest to Jesus.  In doing so, we realize that there was nothing special about these people and there is a little bit of them in all of us.  More importantly, how do we handle those times when it appears that Jesus is dead and there is no resolution for our personal situation,