One of our favorite “go to” statements and one of the things we like to tell people is to “trust God”.    It is so easy to say that, but so hard to do.   The reality is that far too many times, we find that so hard to do because it conflicts with WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).   What we really desire most of all is for God to line up with our agenda.  So, what do we do when God does not seem to want what we want, or do what we believe He should do?


In this new series, titled “In Control”, leading up to Easter, we will be talking about 4 characters in the Easter story and how their lives intersected with Jesus’ in bringing to fruition the reason why we celebrate.

Patterns & Promises

Every day, people make promises and every day people break promises.  Every day, people make commitments and every day people break them.  Every day, people make promises and commitments with the best of intentions, but every day people somehow fail to keep them.   The reason they break them is that most people have not made the preparation necessary to keep them.  The fact is, a promise means absolutely nothing without the preparation to back it up.


In the last message in series, “free and single“, Pastor Gary discusses how to effectively prepare to keep your promises and commitments, and how to find someone who is prepared to keep his/her promises and commitments.  These are essential for having a successful relationship.