The Mess

All of us either has made a mess of things or messed up badly in our past in some an area of our life.   Some  of us are currently in the middle of a mess, and some of us are two steps away from being in a mess or messing up something. This mess could be  financial, physical, emotional, relational, or vocational.

In the 4th message in the series, Speaking Of Jesus, Pastor Gary talks about how our heavenly father handles it when we make a mess of things

PCC Graduation Ceremony 2016

Former PCC student and UF Graduate, Dr. Tamar Carter, delivered the keynote address to the Pioneer Community Church’s high school graduates.

Tamar Carter grew up in our church, first at MGC Worship Center and then later at PCC. While at PCC, Tamar served in a number of areas, most notably in our Nursery Department prior to attending the University of FL to pursue a degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences.

Upon graduation from her Undergrad, Tamar decided to pursue an advanced degree in Genetics at the University of Florida Genetics Institute, where she received her PhD. While initially planning on doing genetics research in hypertension, Dr. Carter developed a passion for studying certain malarial disorders suffered by people in Haiti. The outcome of her research is being used to advise the government about how to organize policies aimed at helping malaria sufferers, and which drugs ought to be administered.

During her time at University of FL, Tamar’s research led her to be the recipient of the United Negro College Fund Dissertation Fellowship, one of only 12 students a year receive the prestigious award.

Tamar is currently employed as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in the Department of Bioinformatics and Genomics. Prior to that, she did some work for the Centers for Disease Control.

Tamar has a passion for:
• Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
• Education
• Health
• Human Rights
• Poverty Alleviation
• Science and Technology

Most importantly, she has a passion for Jesus Christ.

Friend Of Sinners

Jesus demonstrated how to pursue a relationship with all people including those who are much different than he was.  He did this so well and so often that the pharisees called Jesus, a “Friend of Sinners”.   However, Jesus was not influenced by the world, and all that it has to offer.  How was he able to be a friend of sinners, while at the same time remaining holy?   this, and much more is explained in this installment in the series “Speaking Of Jesus”