In the 2nd installment in the series on the  Holy Spirit called “Ghost Stories”, Pastor Gary talks about one of the functions of the Holy Spirit is to provide Power for you to do and accomplish big things for the kingdom; to live a victorious life over sin, fear, and weaknesses; and what it means to be filled / baptized with the Holy Spirit

He is a He

The Bible is filled with references to the Holy Spirit (call the Holy Ghost in the KJV), but yet still many are confused about the Holy Spirit and His function.   In this series opener, guest speaker Pastor Gerry Gallimore teaches on the person of the Holy Spirit and who He is.   He is a He, and not an It.

Money: Panel Discussion / Q&A

In the wrap-up of the money talks series, Casie Grant hosts a Q&A session with Pastor Gary Wallace, Pastor Charles Watkins, Hazel Grace Dansoh, Patrice McFarlane, Lindel Douglas, and Delores Fearon.  In this session, the panel answers some really tough questions based on feedback and discussions arising out of the Money Talk$ series.