Choosing Intimacy

In the 3rd sermon in the “Not a Fan” series, Lead Pastor Gary Wallace teaches on the intimacy that God desires between Him and us.   He is pursuing us with a crazy love, with an unstoppable love, and His desire is that we chase after Him also.   Fans choose knowledge, but true followers of Christ, embrace intimacy.


Pastor Gary Wallace

Fan Or Follower

Happy New Year.   Today we begin a new series called “Not A Fan”.  It is based on a book that I read by the same name by Kyle Idleman, that challenged me and changed my life and my thinking about my relationship with Christ.    I trust that it will do the same for you.

Many of us are fans of Christ.   A fan is an enthusiastic admirer and many of us are just that.    The fact, however, is Jesus is interested in a relationship that is much deeper than that.   He is looking for completely, devoted, followers of Him.   This is the first of a 6 part journey in exploring what that means and the benefits that it provides us about not being a Fan of Jesus

Pastor Gary Wallac