What The Gospel Is…

So many times we think the “Gospel” is for people who are not like us.  It is for people who are not “good people.  It certainly is not for us, because we are “good” people.   We give money to the poor.   We treat people nicely.   We got to church every Sunday, …well most Sundays.     The fact of the matter is that we oftentimes don’t realize that the Gospel is for all of us.   The incredible love of Jesus is not just for some, rather it is for all of us.   …because we all need that love.

In this “Youth Sunday” message,  PCC Student Ministries (Refresh Youth) leader, Jonathan Wallace, delivers his first message to PCC reminding us of what the Gospel really is.

Building A Home God’s Way

If you believe that God has called you to marriage at some point in the future, if you want to know the how to find the right person to date, if you want to know whether or not you should continue in a relationship, this sermon is for you.

If you are married with our without kids, and you want your home to be a haven and respite, and a place that is fun to come home to, this sermon is for you

If you are single, living with your parent, sibling, or roommate, and you want to know  how to operate to your home, this sermon is for you.

In the first of a series of message on the family, Pastor Gary gives practical, Biblical advice on how to Build a Home God’s Way.