Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about discipleship – what it really means to follow Jesus.  We’ve explored the Gospels and seen the portraits of Jesus’ character, His willingness to reach, accept, and include people who other thought were unworthy.  And in turn, those people realized that He was the one true teacher.

Today, Pastor Mike will revisit some of the lessons we’ve learned about discipleship in order to reinforce our understanding of what it really means to be Christ-like and what we should be doing to spread the Good News to reach others for God’s kingdom.

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Your Pastors

An Easy Yoke

In talking about discipleship lately we’ve been focusing on the importance of living our lives in Jesus’ presence so that we can learn to be like Him.  It has, at sometime, been true of all of us that while claiming the benefits of the cross we have been unwilling to obey Christ’s teachings concerning forgiving people who have hurt us, giving to the poor, being faithful in prayer, going to the “other side” to tell others of all that God has done for us or whatever.  But is that ever really an option?
There is one simple question for this week’s sermon as we dig deeper into the background of discipleship, “ If you are willing to trust Jesus for a future life in heaven, are you willing to obey everything that He says about your current life on earth?”

Seeking to follow the faithful guide,

Going to the Other Side

Now, very seriously, how would you react if God came to you and said, “My child, I want you to get over your silly prejudices and reach out to THOSE people”? Please don’t give some delusional, knee-jerk response that betrays self-deception like “For you Lord, I would do ANYTHING!” Get ready to think honestly and deeply about how you would truly respond if He called you on a mission to the “untouchables” for that’s what we’ll consider today in our Journey in the Word.

Seeking to follow the faithful guide,


Being a Life-Long Learner

If  someone asked you “What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?” How would would you respond?  What is the sum total of your answer to that question?

Plain and simple, in this Sunday’s message we will begin a new series of sermons that will involve our looking at portraits of Jesus from the Gospels in order to grow in our understanding of what it really means to follow Him.

My hearty bet is that even if you have been a “disciple” for 50+ years, we will see new things together over the next several weeks – so I hope you come along, as we Journey in the Word.

Boasting in the Cross,