The Beginning of Wisdom

Have you ever noticed how debilitating fear can be?  Fear of what might happen tomorrow, fear of the medical test results, fear of what others thinks of you, fear of death, etc., etc.  Fear can create anxiety, cause your heart to race, your palms to sweat, your legs to feel as if they might buckle. It can cause you to dread tomorrow and steal the strength that you need to live today.

Yet, there is a fear that the Scripture promises will steady your mind and strengthen your heart.  Far from being negative, this fear is called the very beginning of wisdom.  But how can this be true?  How can fear be a good thing?  Come along in our Journey in the Word and find out…

Wisdom About Sex

In our culture, we are surrounded by ideas of sexuality.  Songs, billboards, packaging, magazines, internet, clothing, etc., constantly shout for our attention along gender-driven categories.  In protest, the message of the church has often been a brand of asceticism ~ “don’t look, don’t listen, don’t touch it’s bad!”

But what does the Bible actually say about sex?  Far from being something bad, as we look in the Scriptures we see that sexuality is God’s idea and that we ought to be able to praise Him and thank Him for the goodness of this part of His creative genius.  So, come along for our Journey in the Word as we seek to grow in understanding and experiencing this aspect of life as God has designed for it to be lived.


If you’ve ever had a garden (yard,) you’ve realized that those things require maintenance.  If you don’t constantly water, cut/prune, and de-weed, then what could be beautiful can become a real flora (and fauna) mess.

The rest of human life works the same way. Career, key relationships, intellect, physique, finances, prayer life, etc., etc., all begin to degrade and deteriorate if we do not give them the proper energy and care.  Isn’t that true?!
Of course, God’s will is not for our lives to “degrade” but for them to be transformed and renewed. Christ has come that we “may have life and have it to the full” (John 10:10). With that in mind, here are the kinds of thoughts we’re seeking as we journey today in the Word: “Oh God, what areas in my life critically need care and attention today? What needs to be pulled? What really needs to be nurtured? Lord, give me the wisdom and strength to tend to my life so that it will be growing towards fullness – so that it will be like a garden of blessing for all who come into contact with it.”
Try to understand this saying: “He who works his land will have abundant food, but he who chases fantasies lacks judgment.” Proverbs 12:11