Under Pressure (Part 6) Living Under Pressure

This Weekend is a time to reflect on the contributions and ultimate sacrifices of many of our armed forces.  We have been studying the theme “Under Pressure,” and if anyone knows pressure, it’s those who put their lives on the line each day for our country.  Let us keep them in our prayers and ask for God’s protection and mercy for them and their families.

We trust that as a result of today’s teaching, you’ll better able to handle the pressures of life.

Under Pressure (Part 5) The Stress of Day-to-Day Life

Are you stressed out?  Who isn’t!  We face the daily grind of getting ourselves and our kids out of the house.  We sit in traffic; we get cut off in traffic.  We deal with pressures on the job which sometimes includes uncooperative coworkers and un reasonable bosses.  We come home to chores, bills, activities.  We go to bed with our minds spinning, and then we wake up and do it all over again.

Our lives are filled with stress and sometimes we get overwhelmed by it.  Today, Pastor Reggie will teach on how to handle “The Stress of Day-to-Day Life” and how we can conquer and find purpose in it.