Managing Stress III – Comfort Fit For A King

Probably the most well known Psalm is Psalm 23.  Even people who are not church people know this Psalm.  This passage of the Bible is so popular because we all can identify with the author, King David.   Just like David, we have all experienced the ‘valley’ where it seems like everything is going wrong and nothing is going right. 
In this sermon, “Comfort Fit For a King”, Pastor Dennis addresses those ‘valleys’ and how we can learn from David’s example —  how to rest in the knowledge that for the ones who know Jesus personally, they have no reason to fear and stress out because God is with them to carry them through those stressful times

Managing Stress II – Surviving The Pressure Cooker

Stress!!! We all have it.  Sometimes we manage it well, other times it manages us.  Stress can come from many factors including marriage, divorce, major purchase (house, car, etc.), medical problems, relationships, and employment.  Interestingly, many of today’s health problems, including high blood pressure and heart disease are stress induced.  So, shat does God have to say about all of this?

Managing Stress I – Christ’s Response To Stress

So much work, so little time…. So much to do, but no time to do it…. Do you wish there were more hours in the day?   Do you find that you are getting less and less sleep every night?   Do you sometimes get chest pains?  Do you sometimes have difficulty concentrating, sleeping…?   Well, if this sounds familiar, if this sounds like you, or someone you know, then our upcoming teaching series is just for you.
This series on stress provides practical advice from the Bible on how we can effectively deal with the issues that is so commonplace in our culture.